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Jarvis Hayes Thinks LeBron Goes To "New York", Shaq to Newark

Jarvis Hayes recently joined a panel of fans and writers that discussed where the top free agents might surface next season.  Hayes is a free agent himself but has expressed interest in returning to the Nets.  In his comments, he believes LeBron James is most likely headed for "New York" but (diplomatically?) doesn't specify Knicks or Nets; followed by the Bulls and Cavaliers

For the most part, Hayes thinks the top free agents stay where they are, although he believes Chris Bosh might follow LeBron and Carlos Boozer will join Dwyane Wade in Miami. As for Shaquille O'Neal, Hayes thinks the best landing spot for the 38-year-old would be his hometown. "I think that there is a very realistic chance that Shaq goes home and helps further the development of Brook Lopez in New Jersey, where he will be the best backup center in the league on a very competitive team."