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Wesley Johnson - The "Other" Draft Candidate

For weeks, the draftniks have told us that John Wall and Evan Turner are a lock for #1 and #2, then everything else would fall in place, with the two big men, Derrick Favors and DeMarcus Cousins, the next dominos in line.  But with the draft four weeks away, it appears different scenarios could emerge.

Right now, reports Fred Kerber, Favors appears to a slight edge for the #3 slot held by the Nets, but the 18-year-old power forward, who's a legitimate 6'10", is also intriguing the Sixers at #2. And teams are still not so sure about Cousins' mental makeup. With all those moving parts, Wesley Johnson, Syracuse's 6'7" swingman, could move up.

Johnson is older than most prospects, four years older than Favors, older than Brook Lopez and Yi Jianlian too, but that just means he's more NBA-ready than most, he'll tell you.  And need, says Rod Thorn, is always trumped by who's the best player available.