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Based on His Experience in Europe, Prokhorov is Rare "Genius" Owner


A day after the Star-Ledger proclaimed Mikhail Prokhorov "just very NBA-dumb", the leading Euroleague blog, Ball in Europe, goes in the opposite direction. 

Based on Prokhrov's experience as owner of CSKA Moscow, BiE writes that Prokhorov "certainly looks to become the newest Genius among NBA owners" and compares him favorably to the Lakers' Jerry Buss.  Analyzing the "Six Types of Basketball Team Owner",  the blog says Buss and Prokhorov both qualify as the "Genius"... "A rare combination of money, some basketball intelligence and luck, The Genius often receives the admiration of his fanbase, a rarity in any sport."  It concludes, "You got a good one here, Nets nuts. Enjoy the ride; it should be interesting."

Meanwhile, David Aldridge takes us on a deeper dive in to his interview with Prokhorov, suggesting that the model that he may be emulating is Manchester United, the British soccer team that is so popular worldwide that only the Yankees are more valuable.  And Aldrige notes, the owners of ManU are worth only $2.4 billion.

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