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Marv Disses Knicks' Chances for LeBron, Praises Nets' Young Core

Fresh from his interview with the President--who endorsed a LeBron James move to his Chicago Bulls, Marv Albert tells the Post that Knick fans should lower their expectations on LeBron while Net fans should raise them...but maybe not as high as those who root for the Bulls or Clippers.

"The problem with the Knicks," Albert said, "is though they will sign someone else, it's starting all over again. It's appealing to play at the Garden, but who is there? The Nets have the core if you add him. If they were in Brooklyn, it would be an easier sell."

As for the President, he told Albert the key for LeBron is having confidence in his teammates, that the Bulls didn't win  a championship until Michael Jordan bought into  Phil Jackson, Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant.  Call him Color Guy-in-Chief.  The full interview airs Tuesday night before the Lakers-Suns game.