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Getting the Most Bang for Prokhorov's Bucks

Arthur Galletti, a hoops stats geek, takes a look at the NBA's two newest owners and gauges how difficult each' one's rebuilding effort will be.  Putting aside the disparity in the payers to be taken in the Draft, Galletti thinks the Nets' Mikhail Prokhorov will have an easier time that the Wizards' Ted Leonsis.  How so? Galletti analyzed the players' "wins produced" rating and their salaries last season to get their' "net value". 

What it shows is there are more players on the Nets roster with a positive rating than those on the Wizards: five of the nine players under contract next season were worth what they were paid.  (He counts Josh Boone, Keyon Dooling and Chris Douglas-Roberts as returnees.)  Only two of the Wizards' eight returnees provided a positive return on their investment.  

At the bottom of last year's combined rosters were, no surprise, Gilbert Arenas and Bobby Simmons. At the top, also no surprise, Brendan Haywood and Brook Lopez. Haywood of course was sent to Dallas. Galletti's stats suggest, among other things, Josh Boone gives you more bang for your buck than Devin Harris.