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Big Man Cousins on Nets' Radar

There are plenty of reasons not to take DeMarcus Cousins at #3 in the Draft on June 24.  He is immature, with a combustible personality.  He is consistently out-of-shape with a body fat percentage of more than 16 per cent. He's more of a center and the Nets already have one of them in Brook Lopez

But there's one reason to take him: he is the most NBA-ready big man in the Draft and, according to some stats geeks, the most NBA-ready player, period.

Rod Thorn indicated to Fred Kerber that he likes the 6'11", 290-pound center with the 7'6" wingspan, specifically saying of their meeting Thursday night: "We were impressed. He's not in tip-top condition but he certainly has time to get into shape."

For his part, Cousins says he's the one. "That's been the question the whole year, my so-called red flags, but I'm misunderstood a lot. It's just something I'm trying to show them now," said Cousins, "If I was a GM, I'd take me."