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Are the Nets On Bosh's List?

ESPN reported Friday that Chris Bosh had provided the Raptors with a list of five teams that he'll consider playing with:  the Knicks, Bulls, Heat, Lakers and the Raptors themselves.

Then later Friday, the National Post of Canada, quoting "league sources with knowledge of the situation," said the Nets are also on the list...or at least were. "League sources" is often code for player agents.

The National Post reports Bosh's list was provided the Raptors prior to the Draft Lottery and adds, "none of this is carved in stone, just yet." Bosh would prefer to have Toronto do a sign-and-trade, which would provide him with an additional $25 million over the course of his next contract.

But while the Raptors would want something back for their five-time All-Star, the question remains whether the Nets or any of Bosh's suitors would go along with a sign-and-trade or simply move to another free agent who they can take on for less money and give less--or nothing--in return.