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Big Winner If Nets Get LeBron? The Answer is YES!

Bob Raissman, the Daily News TV sports reporter, says don't be surprised if the Yankees try to help out their former partners in New Jersey during this summer's LeBron James sweepstakes.  The Yankees own the biggest chunk of the YES Network and if the Nets sign James, the value of the network and its ability to sell advertising goes through the roof. It would also devastate the competition: MSG, owned by the Dolans, and SNY.

The Nets had the lowest TV ratings of any NBA team this season, while the Cavaliers had the highest, thanks to James. Nets' insiders say that when the team is successful, the local TV deal is a sweet one for YES.  It pays the Nets little more than $10 million a year and goes through 2012-13, with the last year subject to arbitration.  Add LeBron to the Barclays Center opening, and Mikhail Prokhorov would be able to drive a hard bargain.

Meanwhile, Mark Jackson, the former YES announcer, thinks the Nets talent far outshines the Knicks in the race for LeBron. TNT's Kenny Smith says he thinks LeBron's choice will be between the Nets and Knicks.