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Kris Humphries: "Too Early to Tell" On Player Option

Kris Humphries made the rounds of Minneapolis sports radio shows the last two days, promoting his upcoming basketball camp and in doing so talked about his career and the Nets

Humphries told KFAN, it's "too early to tell" when asked if he would exercise his player option in June. "I don't know yet."  He did express enthusiasm about the ownership change. Humphries has a $3.2 million player option.

Humphries did say that "I wouldn’t say I’m happy with where I’m at" referring to his career development.  In talking to WCCO, he noted, "One of my goals is still to be an all-star" adding that he prides himself on being "one of the hardest workers in the NBA."

Regarding the potential of Mikhail Prokhorov, Humphries said, "hopefully we can go above the cap, hopefully we can get the best coach".  But he cautioned that Prokhorov's goal of a championship by 2015 is "hard to promise...We're going to have to be working tough on that."  Humphries is the first Net player to react to the Prokhorov visit this week.

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