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The Name Change - How Real?

Ellerbe Becket
Ellerbe Becket

There's a poll in the Post and an editorial in the Daily News.  The former asks for fans' opinions on a name change, the second demands it.  Both have their own suggestions: The Post suggests Brooklyn Bridges, Boros, LeBrons, Czars, Deckers (after a certain swimsuit model) as well as Nets.  The Daily News thinks Dodgers would bring back "pure joy" and says of the current moniker: "The best minds in any sports bar could figure out something better."

Why the discussion? Because Mikhail Prokhorov seems to be seriously contemplating it.  Several times yesterday he asked the media for their opinion on a name change..."What about the name of the team? Is it okay, the Nets?" Once could be chalked up to curiosity.  More than that?  You have to think he's serious.  On Miked-Up with Mike Francesa, Prokhorov left the WFAN host a bit confused as to his ultimate intentions.

MF: "Someone told me you're thinking of changing the name of the team".

MP: "It's not easy to comment on all the rumors".

MF: "Is that one accurate?"

MP: "I think no".

MF: "Okay, so it will stay the Nets?"

MP: "I hope so (laughs)"

MF: "You do?  Because there has been that rumor.  I was driving in with my guys and we were discussing that there was a rumor that you were going to change the name of the team.  I said what are you going to change it to?  So if you were going to change it,  do you have another name in mind?"

MP: "For the time being, no."

MF: "Oh, so for the time being no. You left the door open for the audience. You said 'for the time being'."

MP: "Please, don't hesitate to contact me if you hear any other rumors on this subject, Okay?"

MF: "So you may change the name of the team?"

MP: "I have no ideas, for the time being."

Of course, he also suggested to reporters that he could give the team a Russian name "the name of a girl friend" that no one would understand.

The Nets already hold the trademarks for "New Jersey Nets", "Brooklyn Nets", "New York Nets" and even the Cyrillic transliteration of "Brooklyn Nets". They also hold the marks for the more generic "Brooklyn Basketball" and "Brooklyn Hoops".  At one point Prokhorov's Onexim Group had a consultant email an informal poll to various basketball types on the issue.  We've set up our own poll to give fans a chance to express their opinion. We obviously have a vested interest.

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