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Meanwhile, on the Basketball Side...

Rod Thorn and lame duck GM Kiki Vandeweghe are in Chicago this week for the annual Draft Combine, where 51 players, including John Wall, Evan Turner and Derrick Favors will work out in front of all 30 NBA teams.

The players have media sessions Thursday and Friday. Workouts are closed to the media and many of the top names, assured of being drafted, attend only for the media and measurement sessions but do not work out.  The Nets have the #3, #27, and #31 picks in the Draft. The Nets will also hold their own individual workouts and host one of two NBA group workout sessions June 9-11. Thirty-six prospects are expected at the group workout.

Expect the Nets to pay lot of attention to the 18-year-old Favors, who Chad Ford reports the team is "quite high on".

Vandeweghe didn't know his departure was going to be made public by Mikhail Prokhorov...and in fact was being interviewed on WFAN when Prokhorov announced it to beat writers. So, Thorn will now pick a general manager as well, with Knicks scouting director--and former Magic GM--John Gabriel a possible candidate.  As for that coaching vacancy, Michael Wilbon (suddenly the Nets biggest booster in the media) asks if Phil Jackson has to take a pay cut with the Lakers, why wouldn't he consider an offer from the Nets' new owner?