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Prokhorov Heads Home, Leaving Exhausted Fan Base in His Wake

Mikhail Prokhorov was scheduled to leave New York Wednesday night, after two frenetic days of public appearances, from the NBA Draft Lottery to the Mayor's Mansion to Yankee Stadium; a 45-minute press conference that wowed reporters; smaller get-togethers with those who cover the team as well as high profile interviews.

By Wednesday night, it seemed that even the Nets new "Prokhorov Tracker 1.0" couldn't keep up with him.  The media impressions of him were almost universally positive, an owner who was able to both joke and speak confidently about his Nets, past, present and future.  Moreover, he's filled the team's superstar void, a position he promised to relinquish come July with the signing of top-tier free agent(s)...none of whom he was permitted to name.

As Charles Barkley said after watching David Aldridge's interview broadcast just before Lakers-Suns game, "How can you not like him."  His partner Kenny Smith, who has been skeptical of any Nets rebuilding was saying after the interview that the pursuit of LeBron James might just be the start of something.