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Kiki Out

He wasn't fired, but just as happened in Denver, Kiki Vandeweghe will not have his contract renewed in New Jersey.  At a brunch with beat writers, Mikhail Prokhorov put it simply, "His agreement is up and I wish him well."  Prokhorov confirmed he is in talks to extend Rod Thorn's contract. Only "formalities" remain.

Asked if he planned to fire Vandeweghe before the end of next month, Prokhorov said he will "respect" his contract.

Vandeweghe had been instrumental in the Nets rebuilding, having major roles in cutting salary via trades of the team's Big Three for cap space, draft picks and younger players.  He ran into trouble when he reportedly helped engineer the firing of Lawrence Frank. As part of the deal, Vandeweghe was appointed interim coach. In discussing Vandeweghe's replacement as coach, Prokhorov indicated Mike Krzyzewski is not being considered. NBA experience, he said, is a must.

At his noon press conference, Prokhorov did not mention his decision to let Vandeweghe go, but did say there are "three or four" Russian candidates for a front office job but that they will not be competing against each other, but against the NBA standard.