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Do Me a Favors

Make it eight out of eight--from Draft Express to the Sporting News. They all project 6'10" Derrick Favors, the Georgia Tech power forward, as the Nets' first choice.

Three players are projected as the team's late picks on more than one board: 6'7" swingman Devin Ebanks of West Virginia; Craig Brackins, a 6'10" combo forward from Iowa State; and Terrico White, a 6'5" shooting guard from Mississippi.

Others projected for the late picks by the various draftniks: Gani Lawal, Favors' 6'8" teammate at Georgia Tech; Paul George, a 6'8" small forward from Fresno State; Jordan Crawford, a 6'4" shooting guard; Willie Warren, a 6'4" shooting guard from Oklahoma; and Armon Johnson, a 6'3" point guard from Nevada.

The Nets pick at #3 and #27 in the first round and #31, the top pick in the second round. The draft will be held June 24.