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Prokhorov: "We Want to Keep Rod On"

In his clearest comments on Rod Thorn, Mikhail Prokhorov Tuesday told's David Aldridge, "We want to keep him on...He is a great guy, one of the best in the league."

Prokhorov, beseiged by media at the Lottery, gave a short interview to ESPN's Heather Cox before, and sat down with Aldridge after.

The full Aldridge interview will be shown during TNT's coverage of Lakers-Suns Game 2 on Wednesday.  Prokhorov told Aldridge that the Nets have two "competitive advantages": the team is "creating history, practically from scratch" and as the team with the first international owner, the Nets are "creating the first global team with fans around the world".  In an earlier interview with ESPN's Cox, Prokhorov mentioned New Jersey, Brooklyn, Moscow, Europe and Asia, possibly an indication the Nets don't want to give up on Yi Jianlian.  He also told Cox he plans to "turn Knicks fans into Nets fans".

Prokhorov explained his management style to Aldridge: "It's very simple. I will invite all the best people I can and I will never Interfere with the day-to-day business and I give the staff the right to make mistakes". Asked how patient he will be, Prokhorov replied, "I never lost my cool.  It's my day-to-day practice."