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Prokhorov In The House

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Nets insiders predicted the days between the NBA's approval of Mikhail "Call Me Mike" Prokhorov and the Draft Lottery would have their share of news...they just didn't predict it would all happen the day OF the lottery.

In a matter of hours, there was a video message from the new owner to fans promising a championship within five years "maximum"; a report that he and Rod Thorn were hammering out a two-year extension; a celebratory  lunch at The 40-40 Club hosted by Jay-Z; a visit the Nets practice facility (where he was walked in by a shorter Kiki Vandeweghe) and still unconfirmed word that Prokhorov will be a guest at Yankee Stadium Wednesday night. Phew. Much of it can be found on the Nets new "Prokhorov Tracker". Even Russian radio has noticed. (Good to see Brett Yormark hasn't lost his touch).

As many pundits have written, the drama is hard to overstate.  If the Nets win the overall #1, other moves would be set in motion, from an acceleration in the search for a new coach to new optimism for the team's free agency hopes.