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Ford: Nets in the Mix for LeBron, DWade, Amar'e and Gay

We are not privy to the Nets' free agent plan.  We do know there is one.  Chad Ford doesn't either, but he handicaps each of the star free agents' landing zones and finds the Nets in the mix for at least four of them, with all their youth, draft picks, cap space and Mikhail Prokhorov's billions. 

Surprisingly, Ford doesn't think the Nets have much of a chance with LeBron James..."unless the team lands John Wall in the draft."  As for Dwyane Wade, he writes, "the Nets could be very intriguing to Wade, especially if they land John Wall." There's that name again. Amar'e Stoudemire, as Nets' fans know, has said nice things about New Jersey/Brooklyn. The feeling is mutual, but only suggests Ford if bigger fish get away. "Expect teams like the Bulls and Nets to make a play if their other plans don't work out."  The same holds true for Rudy Gay, he adds. 

Meanwhile, John Hollinger uses some statistical alchemy to find LeBron's perfect partner.  He thinks Devin Harris is the tenth best partner for the King, tied with Wade.  Harris, suggests Ford, needs the ball too much.