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Nets Hope To "Do the John Wall" Tuesday Night in Secaucus

USA Basketball
USA Basketball

It's only a fan's mix off a video game but it encompasses a lot of the Nets hopes for this off-season: John Wall in a Nets uniform dishing to the team's 20-somethings, finishing impossible 360's and rising over everyone on the court to dunk it. The fact that it's set to a popular song and dance called the "Do The John Wall" should tell you something about his star power.

The Nets hope to get the overall #1 and link Mikhail Prokhorov and Wall in the minds of fans, coaches and free agents. The Nets can have a successful summer if they wind up with one of the top four picks, but getting Wall would make it that much easier to sign a coach, recruit free agents and, oh yes, sell some tickets.  As Al Iannazzone notes, it's about time.