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Nets Getting Respect With Game-Changer Prokhorov


The reality is sinking in for national basketball writers.  Mikhail Prokhorov is a game-changer for the Nets...starting with the pursuit of LeBron James.  Michael Wilbon of the Washington Post certainly thinks so.  After going through all the possible destinations for James, he argues strongly for the Nets.

"That roster is hands-down better than what the Knicks have, and the Heat, too," he writes. "That's the meat. But LeBron ultimately will fall for the sizzle, for the new arena in Brooklyn, for his pal Jay-Z sitting courtside and mostly for the irresistible charms of owner Mikhail Prokhorov, the new billionaire owner. Prokhorov is going to seduce LeBron to New Jersey/Brooklyn; just watch."

He even suggests that the Nets' lack of tradition will be appealing to the Cavs' star...less pressure. And Wilbon is not alone.