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Return of the (Newark) Native?

Things didn't work out so well in Cleveland...or before that in Phoenix...for Shaquille O'Neal. So what about a return to the city where he was born, Newark? Some NBA execs may think Newark is a negative for luring LeBron James, but his teammate thinks it would be great, telling the Post's Marc Berman, ""I think it's better than most arenas, I think it's one of the best arenas in the country."

O'Neal, who turned 38 in March, thinks he can play til he's 41.  He just concluded a $100 million contract and is an unrestricted free agent.  He had harbored thoughts of eventually buying into the Nets on retirement...if they were in Newark.  And while he said he would consider the Nets, he won't go beyond that. "I've got a lot of options," O'Neal said. "We'll just see. I still got to sit down and look at all my options. I don't want to comment on [the Nets]. It's too early."

Shaq said similar things about joining the Knicks and rejoining the Cavaliers.