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Does Playing in Newark Hurt Nets' Chances in LeBron Sweepstakes?

Cory Booker isn't going to want to hear this.  It's the consensus among NBA executives that in spite of what the Nets can offer, LeBron James isn't going to play in Newark for two years.  That's what Fred Kerber writes in Saturday's Post.  Steve Adamek of the Record agrees. Dave D'Alessandro thinks he'll wait a while before speculating.

Kerber quotes one executive this way: "I think the fact they're playing in Newark at least for two year kills them." Another offers this up: "If they had the Brooklyn arena ready to go, I really believe they'd be the favorites to get him -- if he leaves. He could sweep into New York through Brooklyn and get the same benefits, have a better team in place than the Knicks."

Kerber puts the Nets chances at 20-1.  Adamek, who covers the Knicks, also handicaps all the teams pursuing James and gives the Nets no better than a 15-1 shot at signing him.  Again, he writes, the problem is Newark.  "At least two years in Newark, and if he’s going to come to these parts, why would he pass on the biggest stage?"

Dave D'Alessandro thinks all this speculation is a bit premature.  "We'll start caring sometime around June 30th."  Probably a good policy.