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Van Gundy Won't Say "No"

Nazareth College
Nazareth College

There was an interesting exchange Friday afternoon between SNY's Brian Custer and ESPN's Jeff Van Gundy.  It was about the Nets' coaching vacancy and whether the former Knick and Rocket coach would be interested in coaching the team next season. 

Van Gundy  was careful not to deny interest and in fact praised new Nets owner, Mikhail Prokhorov and Rod Thorn. 

"I really don't get into all that," he said.  "I have a job right now that I doing.  You know, I really have a lot of respect for...I don't know the new owner, but he seems like he wants to win. That sets a tone for your entire organization.  Rod Thorn is as good as it gets.  He's already rebuilt that franchise once before. They have some good young players.

"Any coach that's interested in coaching would be interested in that job...and yet,  I just don't feel comfortable talking about the specific jobs," he added.  "I let the teams do all the talking."

Without parsing the comment,  in some quarters, that's called a non-denial denial.