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Of Ping-Pong Balls and Prokhorov


The anticipation grows about the NBA Draft Lottery, which will take place during half time of the early playoff game Tuesday.  The rules and regulations can be left for another day.  The focus now is about the 1-in-4 chance the Nets have to win it all and start making plans for the John Wall Era.

If they fail in that pursuit, the team's Ben Couch offers comfort.  He reminds fans that the top of the draft has some intriguing power forward types, some of whom could qualify as the proverbial "moose" Rod Thorn has long coveted.  Couch and other NBA writers lay out their teams' needs and who will be sitting on the dais when those large white envelopes are opened by Adam SIlver.

The man who will be there for the Nets, their new owner, will speak to the media for a few moments letting Rod Thorn handle the big basketball questions.  Then Wednesday morning, Mikhail Prokhorov will answer the media's questions at a press conference in midtown Manhattan...not East Rutherford, not Brooklyn.