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"Just Wright" Looking Like a Hit

Fox Searchlight
Fox Searchlight

"Just Wright" opens Friday around the country and the reviews are in.  They're mostly positive, with some top critics giving it thumbs up. Roger Ebert gives it three stars out of four.  One notable exception: the Star-Ledger. The best it can say about the flick is that it's "relatively painless".  As every Net fan knows by now, Queen Latifah plays a physical therapist helping Common, a Nets superstar (remember them?), rehab his broken knee...and broken love life.  Rod Thorn, Lawrence Frank, Bobby Simmons and Tim Walsh all have cameo roles.

There's a lot of reviews...after the jump. Expect a recurring joke about how the biggest suspension of disbelief in the movie is not Common falling for Queen Latifah but the Nets being championship contenders.  Soon, movie reviewers, soon.

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