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Fast Forward

Dave D'Alessandro thinks if the Nets find no suitable place for Mikhail Prokhorov's billions this summer, they might wait a year rather than squander it on lesser lights.  But if Amare Stoudemire expresses interest in the team, they might have to look long and hard at the 6'10" forward.  Stoudemire has said nice things about the Nets' future although he is likely to be be pursued by the Knicks and Heat in particular. 

Still, Dave D warns there are red flags to consider before committing a lot of money to Stoudemire, among them his injuries (knee and eye) and a slight but noticeable drop in his explosiveness.  Moreover, he asks, why is Phoenix only willing to offer their star only 80% of the max.

Meanwhile, D'Alessandro reports it's looking more and more likely that Kris Humphries will stick around next season... and projects a conversation that might take place between John Calipari and Rod Thorn.