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Prokhorov Names Former Google Exec To Run Business Operations

Mikhail Prokhorov has appointed Irina Pavlova president of Onexim Sports and Entertainment USA, the company that now owns the Nets.  "She will work closely with the management structure of the Nets to create all conditions necessary for successful development of the team," he said.  Pavlova is Prokhorov's first management appointment.

Among her responsibilities will be to coordinate operations with Forest City Ratner in the construction of Barclays Center, said a press release from Prokhrov's Onexim Group.  Pavlova is the daughter of a Soviet diplomat and grew up in Moscow and Washington.  She holds an MBA from Stanford and was Google's first Russian employee, becoming the company's director of strategic partnerships in Russia.

"I am delighted to take part in this unique project and will do everything possible to create a successful team with a decent home arena," said Pavlova.  The appointment was first reported by NetsDaily.