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Let the Rebuilding Begin


How quickly can the Nets turn themselves around?  Mikhail Prokhorov's incredible wealth will help the Nets move forward but no one is predicting how fast.  One thing is for certain: everyone expects the Nets to walk into Barclays Center in October 2012 as a championship contender. If it's sooner all the better.

Getting there will take more than Prokhorov's billions.  It will take both luck and skill, making the right decisions. Still, optimism abounds in East Rutherford, Brooklyn and Moscow, even in other cities around the league.  Fred Kerber quotes a variety of NBA executives, including Mark Cuban, on the possibilities the big Russian brings to the Nets. Cuban, who regularly loses tens of millions on the Mavs, tells Kerber: "I think it's great. His desire to win, and his personality are a huge positive for the NBA."

The executives thought less of Prokhorov's predecessor: "Ratner got in it for the real estate and got screwed but only after he screwed the Nets."  Brett Yormark defended his former boss to Julian Garcia, essentially saying if there was no Bruce Ratner, there would be no Mikhail Prokhorov.