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Could Harris and Wall Co-Exist?

Any discussion of whether Devin Harris and John Wall could play together in a Nets backcourt is academic until and unless the team gets lucky next Tuesday in the Draft Lottery.  A number of pundits--and Magic Johnson, who knows something about point guards--think the Nets would have to trade Harris and give Wall the ball.  There's even been some suggestion the Nets might trade their lone All-Star for draft picks and cap space...give them more flexibility July 1.

Count Dime Magazine's Austin Burton among those who think the two can play together and might even thrive the way Harris and Vince Carter did.  "The way the NBA game is played now," he writes, "a pair of point guards can share the floor, especially in three-guard lineups. We saw it this season."

  • New Jersey’s dream backcourt: John Wall and Devin Harris - Austin Burton - DIME