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Meet Mikhail's "Mr. Fix-It"


Sergei Kushchenko runs the Russian Biathlon Union for Mikhail Prokhorov.  The biathlon team won two gold medals at the Vancouver Olympics...the rest of the Russian Olympic team won one.  Sergei Kushchenko used to run CSKA Moscow for Mikhail Prokhorov.  The players he chose went to the Euroleague Final Four eight straight years, to the Finals four straight and won it all twice.  He is, as the Wall Street Journal reports, Prokhorov's "Fixer-in-Chief".

The 48-year-old former DJ says he will have no formal role in the Nets as an owner or manager, but as the acknowledged leader of Team Prokhorov, he admits he's involved.

"As a future owner, he's analyzing the NBA talent market, and we're helping him," Kushchenko says. "He's looking for the best in the market. That's how he leads. I assure you that in the shortest time, the best coaches, the best managers will be working for Mr. Prokhorov."