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Prokhorov Wants Coach To "Move the Team In the Right Direction"


Ever since Lawrence Frank was fired, the Nets knew they'd have to follow the lead of their new owner in picking the next head coach.  So the assumption was that the flashy new owner with the big bucks would want a splashy new coach.

Not necessarily, says Rod Thorn.

"I think from my conversations with Mr. Prokhorov, he's interested in a coach who can move the team in the right direction," Thorn told Al Iannazzone. "Not necessarily a big-splash coach, but somebody who can move a team in the right direction."

Thorn, who has said the new coach is not likely to be a surprise, is believed to be looking at small pool of possibilities, probably no more than four or five serious candidates.

Among them: Jeff Van Gundy and Avery Johnson from the former head coaching ranks; Jay Wright and possibly Mike Krzyzewski: as well as a few assistants like Tom Thibodeau.  One thing is certain: with the approval of Prokhorov by the NBA Tuesday, the next big thing in the recruiting plan is the Draft Lottery.