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Thorn: If We Get #1, It's John Wall. Then the Fun Begins

Well, that settles that. Rod Thorn to Dave D'Alessandro: "I’d be shocked if anyone took anybody but John Wall number one".  And yes, says Dave D, that includes the Nets.

So what happens if the ping-pong gods smile on the Nets?  Would they trade Devin Harris?  Maybe. "Can they play together? We have to discuss it. I know this, we’ll have the fastest backcourt anywhere. But you know what, let’s see what happens on the 18th first. We’ll answer that when the time comes."  He says he's gotten calls. Chad Ford reports the Pacers like Harris a lot.

What might be key to any front office debate on a trade?  Cap room.  Dave D writes the Nets might go for a deal where Harris is traded for picks and cap room, enough to vault the Nets over the Knicks in the cap room sweepstakes.

It might be a little easier to attract two big-time free agents when you've got Brook Lopez, John Wall, Terrence Williams, Courtney Lee and $35 million to play with. Beyond Wall, Thorn likes a lot of what he sees, including Wake Forest's Al-Farouq Aminu.