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LeBron Would Be Worth $50 Million a Year to the Nets, Says Expert

NettyNet via NetsDaily
NettyNet via NetsDaily

There are limits in the collective bargaining agreement to what teams can pay top-tier free agents, but if there weren't or if the new collective bargaining agreement removed those limits, what would a player like LeBron James be worth in the open market.

RealGM's Chris Reina asked around and a former agent who had been involved in previous CBA negotiations suggested James would be worth $50 million to the Nets.

"LeBron would sell half a million more tickets at $40 apiece, that's $20M. He would add $5M in concessions and another $15M in sponsorships, so that is a total of $40M in added revenues," said George Andrews. "LeBron would be worth $50M annually for the Nets."