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Stars Credit Sann, Walsh for "Just Wright" Reality

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Fox Searchlight
Fox Searchlight

It's going to be an interesting week, culminating in Friday's opening of "Just Wright", the romantic comedy starring Queen Latifah and Common.  And as part of the build-up to the movie, the Nets' Ben Couch sat down with the two stars recently to talk about how they prepared for their movie roles.

Common, who was once a Bulls ballboy (under Rod Thorn) and played organized ball, credits Nets coaching associate Jim Sann for improving his game.  "He took me through everything".  "We did a lot of shooting drills, put up a lot of shots, probably over 500 a day. And at a certain point, we were doing core exercises, we were doing defensive drills, we were doing ball-handling drills. He basically trained me like he would one of the Nets players."

Latifah, who admits to having experience on the receiving side of physical therapy, says Walsh's experience was key to her understanding the role of a trainer.  "How do you motivate these guys when they get hurt? How do you get them back on the court? How do you get that confidence back, so they go out there and play hard and know that they can do it. Tim was amazing. He was there 100 percent, rock-solid, so … ‘Love you, Tim!’

Meanwhile, Bobby Simmons says he's hiring an acting coach.