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Nets Fans, Show Us Your LeBron!

New York Daily News
New York Daily News

In the off-season, thoughts turn to the future. For Nets fans, that means new arena(s), new coach, two first round draft picks, free agency and oh yeah, that (really, really rich) owner who may be the most interesting man in the world.

For Knick fans, not so much new. Old arena, old coach, no guaranteed first round picks through sometime later this century, and that (crotchedy) old owner who is, well, not so interesting and hasn't been seen much lately...probably a good thing.

The Daily News is helping them through this hoops hangover with a thoroughly bizarre front page (!) promotion. The Knicks are getting LeBron, you see. So the News is asking  Knick fans to photoshop LeBron James into various New York locations, starting with Madison Square Garden.  There's LeBron in the subway (yeah, that'll happen), LeBron at the Carnegie Deli, LeBron here, LeBron there, everywhere a LeBron...well, everywhere but Brooklyn, that is.

So we call on Nets fans to show LeBron in locations outside Manhattan.  We have some suggestions of our own:  LeBron in the Prudential Center, Barclays Center, perhaps with John Wall, maybe in Mikhail Prokhrov's Gulfstream V...screw the subway!  No need for pictures of LeBron with Jay-Z.  That's taken care of.  And please, some decorum.