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Thorn: Money May Talk Loudest in Coach Search

NY Daily News/Antonelli
NY Daily News/Antonelli

Rod Thorn hasn't officially heard about a contract extension, but he believes that he and the Nets will be fine.  One reason: he believes the Nets have a competitive advantage in their hunt for a new coach: money.

With only a few jobs open, money (along with cap space, draft picks and a new owner) may talk loudest.  most teams are looking for a coach that they’re not going to pay much," Thorn said Friday. "That takes them out of the running for several people, I think, and there will be some jobs that guys just won’t be interested in."

The other open jobs, at least for now, are the 76ers, Hornets and the Clippers.  The Bulls, Bobcats and Hawks might join them soon.  Of that group, the Hornets might spend because they, like the Nets, have a new owner...and they're considering Lawrence Frank.  The rest are unlikely to win a bidding war against a guy worth between $14 and $18 billion. In any event, don't expect much in the way of movement til mid-May when Mikhail Prokhorov takes over and the playoffs shake out.