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Would Nowitzki Consider New Jersey?

Dirk Nowitzki needs no introduction to Mikhail Prokhorov.  As the best European player in the NBA, the 7-footer is familiar with the first European owner in NBA, who could look him straight in the eye. 

After the Mavs' third first round defeat in four years, Nowitzki wouldn't guarantee a return to Dallas.  Like many top flight free agents, Nowitzki has a player option come June 30.  He's due $21.5 million in 2010-11. If he leaves, it wouldn't be for more money, but for a better chance of winning a championship.

So Ira Winderman, writing for NBC Sports, suggests New Jersey might appeal to the 31-year-old.  "What Nowitzki needs is a youthful, A-List teammate. As a free agent, he could find that...possibly in New Jersey with a lottery pick."