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Evan Turner - No Problem Playing for the Nets

Evan Turner became the first 2010 draft choice to comment on joining a team that's likely to wind up with 70 losses, aka the Nets.  No problem, said the 6'7" swingman who's been compared to Brandon Roy.  "I don’t plan on losing, but if it happens I always say you have to pay your dues," Turner told the Ohio State Lantern. "The most important part is learning from your losses. You have to have confidence and be committed to the mission."

Turner and Kentucky's John Wall "sit atop the Nets' list" for the June 24 NBA Draft, writes Fred Kerber who adds the Nets are quite happy with the talent at the upper levels of the draft.  The Nets will clinch the league's worst record with a loss or Timberwolves' win and thus can't finish lower than fourth. 

The Nets can't comment on underclassmen, but with Wall, Turner, Kentucky's DeMarcus Cousins, Syracuse's Wesley Johnson and Georgia Tech's Derrick Favors all declaring, they figure they'll walk away with a top player.