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Nets and Rockets to Play in China in October

China Daily reports that the Nets and Rockets will participate in the 2010 NBA China Games in Beijing and Guangzhou this October. The games, of course, will feature the only two Chinese players in the league and mark the return of Yao Ming, who has missed this whole season after undergoing foot surgery. Yi Jianlian was previously set to play in the China Games with the Bucks in 2008, but then he was traded to the Nets that June.

Yao and Yi have faced each other four times in regular season games, with the Rockets winning all four matchups (two against the Bucks and two against the Nets). The Nets played the Heat in London and Paris in 2008.  Yao and Yi  are expected to play for Team China in the FIBA World Championships in Turkey which end September 12.