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Game 79 - Nets vs. Bulls - Friday, April 9, 8:00

The suddenly healthy Bulls need to win Friday night.  Locked in a battle with the wounded Raptors for the eighth and final playoff spot, they are tied after beating the Cavaliers Thursday. A loss to the team with the worst record in the league would be devastating psychologically.  Mathematically, it wouldn't be good either since the two contenders square off Sunday in Toronto.  Of course, whoever gets in will play the Cavs when the playoffs start next week.

For the Nets, a loss would guarantee them the worst record in the NBA this season and 250 combinations in the April 18 draft lottery.  They have had mixed luck with the Bulls this season, beating them in Chicago, then getting blown out in New Jersey.  The team is healthier than it has been all year...for what that's worth.