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Harris Would Like to Re-unite with Johnson

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In the days after Devin Harris was traded for Jason Kidd, hardly a game went by without Harris setting a new personal best--in points, assists, rebounds, three pointers, etc.  How had this young point guard suddenly evolved into a potential franchise player? Who had held him back in Dallas? Blame Avery Johnson, it was said.  He had held the reins too tight and Harris had chafed under the strain.

Sounds like Harris would like to have Avery back...and as has been hinted since both he and Johnson left the Mavs, they got along pretty well" in spite of those tight controls. "I love Avery. Love him," said Harris Tuesday. "Avery would be a good coach anywhere. He knows how to win, simple as that. He's a great coach, a great motivator."

Johnson, who won 127 games in his last two full seasons with the Mavs, is reportedly on the Hornet short list as well, and other coaching spots are expected to open up in the next few weeks as teams decide whether to keep their current bosses on the bench.

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