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Dooling Wants Back

If anything, the Nets recent winning ways--and Mikhail Prokhorov's high profile--has convinced Keyon Dooling that he wants to be back next year.  "Of course. That’s a no-brainer,'' he said. "I think the future’s very bright with the Nets and it’s just a matter of which direction they want to go."

The problem is cap space.  Dooling is owed $3.8 million next season, but he's only guaranteed $500,000 of that. The Nets have to make a decision by June 29 and it's more than likely they will waive him and pay him that $500,000.  of course, the Nets could re-sign him to a smaller contract (as they did with Cliff Robinson a few years ago). 

In any event, Dooling wants to make the Nets think long and hard about losing him.

"Well, you make your case every day, with who you are as a person, what you bring to the table, how you handle adversity, as well as success,'' said Dooling.