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Bye, Bye Bottom

The Nets are likely to finish with the worst record in the league, but at least in the power rankings, it appears they will  escape the bottom.   In the next-to-last rankings, the Nets are comfortably ahead of the Pistons and Timberwolves at #28.  If they had beaten the Wizards Sunday night, who knows how high they would have gone...#27 maybe! 

The reasons for their rise: a quality win over the Spurs and a quantity win over the Hornets.  As John Schuhmann of writes: "Monday's win over the Spurs, No. 10 overall and an impressive comeback over a team that has been playing very well, was the Nets' best victory of the season. Saturday's win over the Hornets was their biggest." 

Marc Stein of ESPN is happy to have something to write about other than nine wins.  "What if Prokhorov just decides to keep raising his offer until he gets a 'yes' from Coach K?"  Meanwhile, SI's Chris Mannix was raving about Terrence Williams, calling him a "late blooming rookie."  Even holdout John Hollinger has them above the Timberwolves, who sees as historically worse than the Nets.