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Nets to Offer Mike Krzyzewski $12 to $15 Million a Year, Says Iannazzone

If Mikhail Prokhorov has his way, Mike Krzyzewski will be coaching his last collegiate game Monday night against Butler.  Al Iannazzone reports that Prokhorov will waste no time once approved later this month and offer the Duke coach a contract worth between $12 and $15 million a year.  Under one scenario, Krzyzewski would serve as both head coach and general manager.  A contract on that scale would make Krzyzewski the highest paid coach in any sport.  Phil Jackson currently makes $10.3 million.

Iannazzone quoted an NBA executive as saying, "You got a high profile owner who is going to want a high-profile coach."  Krzyzewski has resisted previous NBA offers, including one for five years and $40 million from the Lakers.  What's Plan B, if the 63-year-old coach says no... as he says he will? The usual candidates, reports Iannazzone: Jeff Van Gundy, Avery Johnson and Villanova's coach, Jay Wright.

In fact, ESPN's Marc Stein reports that Devin Harris is "making a hard internal push for his former coach with the Mavericks."  As for Van Gundy, Stein quotes a source that "the Nets know they'll have 'to blow him away' to convince Van Gundy to leave a TV job he loves". In any event, the May 18 Draft Lottery is likely to be a key determinant for any coaching candidates. Getting the overall #1, or even the #2, will help the Nets, he writes.