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Future Perfect?

It's going to be like this for months: pundits ordering up the future Nets roster as if it was a meal selected from a Chinese restaurant menu: a draft choice from column A, a free agent from column B and a traded player from column C.  At this point, at least until the Draft Lottery on May 18, it will be speculation.  After that, the appetite will really be whetted.

Matt Moore of NBC Sports tries his hand at what the Nets might look like if they signed Amare Stoudemire, and as every Net fan knows, no one has said nicer things--or more often--about the Nets than the 6'10" Suns power forward.

"The most likely scenario is Amar'e re-signs with Phoenix for the most money and finishes out Steve Nash's career. But if he were to go to New Jersey? Look out," writes Moore imagining a lineup that has John Wall as well as Stoudemire.  We can dream can't we?