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The LeBron Parlor Game Continues

ESPN New York made its debut this week. What better way to attract attention than a debate among its hoops writers on where LeBron James will play in the next few years: in New York or Newark/Brooklyn?

Most of the ESPNers think it's more likely that LeBron will stay in Cleveland.  Only Chris Sheridan thinks the Cav All-Everything is unlikely to stay, and that's only if they don't win this season. If that happens, he puts the odds of James staying at no worse than 4 in 10.  When asked what the New York area teams' chances are, there's unanimity: LeBron would choose the Knicks.   Chad Ford offers the Nets the best odds: 10% while John Hollinger thinks the Nets chances are one-thousandth of a per cent.  (That's pretty small.)  Hollinger's rationale: "Nets? Can't see it, even with John Wall. LeBron's prime is now, not in 2016".  

There's lots more, but the bottom line: No one knows.  Shocking.