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For Prokhorov, Brooklyn Arena Just as Big a Deal as the Nets

Mitya Aleshkovsky <a href="">(via flckr)</a>
Mitya Aleshkovsky (via flckr)

In an interview with Paris Match, France's leading magazine, Mikhail Prokhorov says entering the New York real estate market is as big a draw for him as entering the NBA.

Asked by Paris Match what prompted him to buy the Nets, Prokhorov responded, "The love of basketball and interest in business. On the one hand, I want to make the New Jersey Nets a strong team.  On the other hand, this project will allow us to enter the real estate market in New York. In two years, once the new arena is built, the Nets will move to Brooklyn.  I'll also be the first European to own an NBA team."

Much of the Paris Match interview goes over the same territory as the "60 Minutes" and Bloomberg stories.  It was posted and translated on Prokhorov's personal blog.