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Dooling, Facing Reality, Believes He's Leaving

Keyon Dooling's future as a Net has been hurt by a number of things. He has yet to fully recover from last summer's hip surgery.  The team option on his contract represents 15% of the Nets' cap space and Terrence Williams is proving he can run the team--for a lot less money.  So Dooling understands it's unlikely he will be back in a Nets uniform next season.  "More than likely I probably will be a free agent," he tells Al Iannazzone. "I think we’ll probably have to start over and reprove ourselves again."  In spite of the team's futility --"sportswise, it’s been the worst experience ever"-- he says he'd like to come back.  "They have to have some role players."

  • Dooling’s Net days may be numbered - Al Iannazzone - The Record