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Goldstein: "I Had to Move So Prokhorov Could Encrust His Plaything With Diamonds"


Daniel Goldstein and Bruce Ratner are still at it and now the former thorn in Ratner's side is going after Mikhail Prokhorov...and the Nets' rebuilding plan.  In yet another statement (so much for a gag order), Goldstein claims he had to move so Prokhorov could sit on the dias at the NBA Draft Lottery May 18.  Of course, he got $3 million to leave before May 7.

Responding to a Ratner exec's charge he milked the company for every dollar, Goldstein wrote: "May 18 is the NBA draft lottery, and Prokhorov wanted to be at that lottery. That’s not what ESDC or Ratner told the judge or the press last week. But that was their motivation.  As to why the state thought it so important to evict my family and me on Prokhorov’s NBA schedule, so he could encrust his plaything with diamonds, is something that speaks for itself."

Prokhorov's deal to take over the Nets--and a big part of both Barclays Center and Atlantic Yards--isn't complete until Goldstein and a few others move.  At that point, the NBA Board of Governors is expected to quickly approve the transfer of ownership.