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Odds Are Good When They're 1 in 4

It seems that if the Nets get the #1 or #2 pick in the draft, the choice will be easy: John Wall or Evan Turner.  The conventional wisdom is that after those two, the lottery gets a little more iffy.  DeMarcus Cousins, Derrick Favors, Wesley Johnson, Al-Farouq Aminu, even Donatas Motiejunas will be in the mix, but each has a downside to go along with that huge upside.

If the ping pong gods don't smile on the Nets, how upset should fans be that they're "stuck" with the #2, #3 or #4?  Not so much. The Nets' Ben Couch takes a look at the best picks taken at positions #1 through #4 in previous drafts.  There are all-Stars and future Hall of Famers lurking beyond the top pick...and a few busts as well.  Chad Ford selects the best and worst picks in the past decade.  The Nets didn't make either list.  As for this year's sleepers, David Thorpe has a list.