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Could Nets Gain from Wade Staying in Miami?

Dwyane Wade was always seen as the free agent most likely to stay home and after Tuesday night's loss to Boston, he did little to suggest otherwise.  "I'm looking forward to a good team to build, and being with some great players next year, and to continue to beef up our roster," Wade said. He'll still opt out and still listen to offers but the Heat have $24 million in cap space to boost "our roster".

ESPN's Chris Sheridan suggests in fact that the Heat could clear every contract but Wade's, including Michael Beasley's...with some help for the Nets.  With New Jersey even further under the cap, Sheridan wrote that they --or the Timberwolves-- might be willing to take on Beasley, the disappointing but talented #2 pick in the 2008 draft.  "Miami offers Beasley, Daequan Cook, James Jones, $3 million and a future No. 1" to the Nets for "basically nothing." A swap of future second round picks could do the trick, for example.

Why would the Nets do that and take on nearly $10 million in contracts? Because New Jersey "needs to restock and won't find many players eager for two years of purgatory in Newark."